5/10/2021 Update on beta-testing Beaconeer™Lite

 Hi Everyone!


We thank you all for testing the Beaconeer™Lite app. Your participation helped us to establish code integrity of our app. There were no legitimate crashes due to code errors. (The one "white screen" crash was actually related to the Test Flight app, not BeaconeerLite).  We also received feedback that our GPS accuracy within a radius of 16ft to 105ft at ground level, was acceptable to users from both the general public and emergency response professionals.


However, we ran into a snag. 蘿

iPhone 8’s are unable to send an SMS (consisting of text message and GPS location) to Android phones. We are still trying to determine if this is an iPhone 8 settings issue or Phone Service Carrier issue, i.e. AT&T vs T-Mobile/Sprint. Therefore we will continue Test Flight beta-testing of the Beaconeer™Lite app for the foreseeable future until we are able to resolve this issue. 

We have decided not to submit the app for final review to Appstore at this time, due to this iPhone 8 anomaly.  It's not a code integrity issue but Appstore Review will see it that way. Either an app works on all iPhone models (with IOS 8 or later) or it doesn't!


More importantly, since the purpose of the Beaconeer™Lite app is to enable an iPhone user to send an SMS message, to either iPhones or Androids, summoning a need for help, we cannot risk a situation in which an iPhone 8 user executes a beacon “SEND”  action to an Android phone, and the Android user never receives the SMS request for help!   That could potentially endanger the iPhone 8 user!


The current beta-version #202111489 will expire May 14th, after which we will post a new version for additional testing. We will also incorporate some improvements that our beta-testers suggested. We especially need iPhone 8 beta testers for the next Test Flight beta-test session. 

If you have found Beaconeer™Lite to be a useful addition to your "safety communications toolbox" you may continue to download and re-install the latest version from Test Flight. It is a fully functional and working version of the app, and we continue to welcome and appreciate your feedback. 

This project has greatly added to our knowledge of how to get an iPhone app from design to code to finished product and finally AppStore's "doorstep" The lesson to be learned is that not all apps make it past the AppStore threshold and to final approval in a linear timeframe, but we'll get there in due time. 

Meanwhile, we've already begun another exciting Android/iPhone app project (that doesn't involve SMS or GPS!) that we are confident will achieve timely success!

Stay well and blessed! 


P. Kelly

F. Avery





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