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WANTED...Beta-testers for Beaconeer™Lite GPS accuracy!

Hello Everyone! We're now in the "home stretch" with getting the  Beaconeer™Lite  app in AppStore! It's truly been an exercise in patience!  Once again we need Test Flight Beta-testers, to test the Beaconeer™Lite GPS  functionality on your iPhones. This is the final requirement by the Apple AppStore Review Board! As the app developers, we too, want to make sure that the  Beaconeer™Lite   app will generate reliable Longitude, Latitude, and Vicinity address information, when initiated by the app user.  Before you test the Beaconeer™Lite Build Version #202111489, a few facts about GPS and Smartphones: Exact "pin-point" address" GPS accuracy is not guaranteed with most Smartphones. Per , even under the best conditions, typical Smartphone GPS (Latitude, Longitude) may be accurate within a 16 foot radius. Therefore, our claim for the Beaconeer™Lite app is that GPS user accuracy should fall within a radius of 16 feet to 105 feet (32 meters). Only cost

"All Must Know Facts about iPhone GPS Accuracy"

  Since GPS is the core feature of the The Beaconeer ™ Lite app for iPhone (currently in stage 2 beta-test) , here's an informative article to increase our user's awareness how your on-board location sensor affects accuracy of apps that rely upon it!  "Part 1: How accurate is iPhone location data? Well we can't actually state the exact figures or particularize with a term to tell the accuracy of GPS on iPhone. However, it is indeed true that the more you use a GPS based app in your device, the more iPhone GPS accuracy will increase. Also, the more GPS feature is being enabled and used, the higher the accuracy of GPS on iPhone. Putting in simpler terms, GPS or location services of your iPhone keeps on trying to get the signals and as it advances, the results of accuracy can be enhanced and assured...."  see full article, courtesy of Virtual Location