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Update on iPhone Beaconeer™

Update on iPhone Beaconeer...we're still working on it for completion before end of year! The process has become quite the saga of twists and turns, worthy of a documentary! We definitely plan to have a launch party in 2019, and share the details! 

Font size issue

Hi! Thank you for the feedback on The Beaconeer.  On some Android phones the fonts in the app are oversized. We will improve auto-resizing in next update. Meanwhile the remedy is to decrease your font size in your settings. Hope this helps. Peace & Happy Friday!

Remembering 9/11

On this day, remembering 9/11. Stand by, stand strong, together. - The Beaconeer  http://Beaconeer.US   # September11

Fortify your safety communications in preparation for Dorian

Fortify your safety communications now with your Beaconeer. Create a "Beacon List" with in and out-of-state family members to keep them posted! Nothing is more distressing than losing contact with loved ones.