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Exciting Update! New App project

Exciting Update! Back on 5/10 We posted a " wrap-up" update for the Beaconeer™Lite and informed you that we had moved on to new project. Actually we revisited an earlier app project begun in 2016 called “ TPEP Eclipse 2017 and Beyond ”, an Android app with 40 words in English and Spanish, relating to Eclipses and other Astronomical objects. The goal was to use this app as a “template” for future apps, to encourage A+ English Competency, Bilingual Proficiency, and Civic Engagement. However, at that time in 2016/2017, there was no cross-platform coding tool, accessible to youth learning, that enabled us to create the iPhone counterpart. All of that changed in 2020 with the availability of Thunkable X. So, here we are, just three weeks later! Not only did we complete an updated 2024 Android version, to be uploaded soon to Google Play, we have completed the iPhone version also. We submitted the IOS version GAE2024Beta2 to App Store on 5/28 at 2:35, and by 5:53, the same day, we

5/10/2021 Update on beta-testing Beaconeer™Lite

  Hi Everyone!   We thank you all for testing the Beaconeer™Lite app. Your participation helped us to establish code integrity of our app. There were no legitimate crashes due to code errors. (The one "white screen" crash was actually related to the Test Flight   app, not Beaconeer ™ Lite ).  We also received feedback that our GPS accuracy within a radius of 16ft to 105ft at ground level , was acceptable to users from both the general public and emergency response professionals.   However, we ran into a snag.  iPhone 8’s are unable to send an SMS (consisting of text message and GPS location) to Android phones. We are still trying to determine if this is an iPhone 8 settings issue or Phone Service Carrier issue, i.e. AT&T vs T-Mobile/Sprint. Therefore we will continue Test Flight beta-testing of the Beaconeer™Lite app for the foreseeable future until we are able to resolve this issue.  We have decided not to submit the app for final review to Appstore at this tim