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Update on Beta Testing 3/20/2021

  Hi!  We continue to need beta-testers for additional survey feedback!    We’ve had good response on GPS accuracy, testing within a radius of 16ft to 105ft under most indoor and outdoor conditions. However, we've been made aware of some issues:   Some iPhone 8 users are unable to send “beacons” to Android phones. Some iPhone 11 users are getting a “white screen” after accepting the EULA. Therefore we need more iPhone 11 beta testers to determine why this is happening and to fix it! That's why beta-testing and YOU, as beta-testers are so important!   Your feedback is CRUCIAL!  Please remember to complete the survey (link below)  after testing. THANK YOU!   www.Beaconeer.US

Steps in the TestFlight beta-testing process for Beaconeer™Lite, build#202111489

Hi Beta Testers, Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming!  Here's how the TestFlight beta-testing process should proceed , for  Beaconeer ™ Lite, build#202111489.  Purpose of beta-test : To assess whether the accuracy of the GPS location is within a radius of 16ft to 105ft of the user's actual location. This test is for iPhones only. It is assumed you have downloaded the free  TestFlight app from     To begin testing click on this link    Follow the TestFlight prompts and click on "Start Testing"  1 . At initial use of  Beaconeer ™ Lite, you will first see the   "Splash" Screen with the Beaconeer ™ Lite logo  2. At the "Home" screen click on the text as shown below. It will take you to the EULA page. 3 . At the EULA page , SCROLL to BOTTOM to ACCEPT the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT 4. Once you accept the EULA, you will be sent to the  Beaconeer ™ Lite  Ops Screen. Allow p