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More feedback on Beaconeer™Lite beta test - Font Size

Hi Beaconeer™Lite beta testers. Thanks for the continuous feedback! One beta tester, with an iPhone6s reported that the fonts in the app were oversized and distorted, as shown below, left. Your screen should look more proportioned like the image below, right. On models prior to iPhone 10, this oversized distortion may be common. Below is the solution to getting proper resolution for Beaconeer™Lite and any other app that appears this way Try it and let us know if it DOESN'T resolve the problem. Thanks! #beaconeerlite #betatester #fontsize #oversizefont #screen #distortion

Beta testing feedback Beaconeer™Lite

  We're getting great feedback on the beta-test for Beaconeer ™ Lite . Perhaps you've noticed these "slight imperfections" reported by a tester.. . "Tried it on 2 different iPhones – it passed all 4 of the tests as shown in the video. Changes to think about in a future build (I wouldn’t be surprised if you already have this in mind): 1.Make navigation between pages more intuitive (nav bar, etc.??) 2.Text field for entering phone number – the word “phone #” sticks around unless you are deliberate about removing before inputing the numbers 3.Make the button size the same (I like the colors)" ------------------------------------------------------ Here's our answers below ... Thanks so much for feedback JXXCCC... 1.We'll try out a navigation bar in next version. The reason we didn't this time is because there are only 3 screens with primary functionality, that we thought are easily accessible using the top menu buttons: Beaconeer Lite Ops Screen Edi

Beta-testing of Beaconeer ™Lite is now in progress

TestFlight is's authorized intermediary to pre-screen and test apps submitted by an app developer.  We passed the pre-screen and pre-testing by Test Flight. Now we just need beta-testing by you, our family, friends, and colleagues!  Don’t miss the opportunity to claim your new skill designation as an Test Flight “Beta Tester”  Beta-testing of Beaconeer ™Lite is now in progress Get started! 1- Download the Test Flight App from Apple AppStore 2 - Then click on this Test Flight link for the  Beaconeer ™Lite 3- Once you finish the test, click on this link to rate the app. Once we are published on AppStore, you'll receive a special "Virtual Goody Bag" of enduring value at our Launch Partay! 

About the Red, Yellow, Green Beacons...

Another key feature of the Beaconeer™(Android) and Beaconeer™Lite(iPhone) is the colors of the beacons: Red, Yellow, and Green. We have Garrett Morgan to thank for this universally understood "Alert" system, used all over the world in traffic control. We incorporated these colors in the Beaconeer™App!

Spotlight on GPS, Dr. Gladys West

  The core feature of The Beaconeer for Android is GPS (Global Positioning System). Dr. Gladys West contributed major advances to this technology which is now used in all cell phones! Our development of The Beaconeer in 2018 wouldn't have been possible without GPS! Your support of our beta-test of Beaconeer™Lite for iPhone will further the legacy of this great woman! We dedicate all of our efforts, to get BeaconeerLite on AppStore to Dr. Gladys West #gladyswest The best is yet to come! #GPS #beaconeer

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2021 will be a breakthrough year for The BEACONEER™! We hope it will be for you too! http:/ We extend a very special invitation to you to beta-test Beaconeer™Lite, for iPhone.   Please view the 3.5 minute demo video which explains the beta test. Beta-testing is easy-peasy! uses Test Flight as their official intermediary to pre-screen apps in order to determine them functional and "worthy" of final review by AppStore. Guess what! We made it past the Test Flight pre-screen! That means you can rest assured that the beta-test WILL NOT melt your iPhone! We now need just 50+ iPhone family and friends to test the app and demonstrate use by the general public. Then we will be able to submit Beaconeer™Lite to AppStore for final review. This process has taken 2+ years, and many of you have been waiting patiently for an iPhone version of the Beaconeer. We've come this far, join us and let's go the distance in 2021!