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We're on Facebook!

We created the Facebook page, since that's where many of our family and friends connect, to provide a space for feedback on The Beaconeer™.  We really want to know…pro or cons.  This is a newly redesigned  (Version 7) of The Beaconeer™ and we do expect to have to “tweak” it, most likely in the GUI (graphical user interface) to make sure it appears the same on everyone’s Android.  No way to know unless people download and use it!  Everything we post on Facebook, we'll post on this blog too, since we know that not everyone is on Facebook!   But if you are on Facebook, please "Like" our page at Note: our Feedback form is “anonymous” at Pam K. & Flo A.  The Beaconeer™for Android (iPhone Version coming in October 2019)

Basic Instructions on using The Beaconeer™ , version 7.0

The Beaconeer™ automatically sends your GPS location and a text message to phone numbers that you designate in any of three "Beaconeer Lists" in the app. 1. Once you download The Beaconeer™ from Google Play , you will see the Login Screen. Create a unique password. The password protection is a new feature to protect the privacy of the three "Beacon" name and phone number lists that are now available in the Beaconeer™ 7.0 Turbo. If you happen to close the app without creating a password, just re-open the app and use the default password "pw". That's right , just "pw"! 2.  Next, you'll probably see  pop-ups, requesting that you authorize access to location, phone, and SMS features on your phone. Choose "Allow".   Now, here's where everyone's phone differs a bit. In order for the "automated group text" feature to work on the Beaconeer™, be sure that you have also allowed access to yo