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PRESS RELEASE!!! GAE2024 Now on Apple Appstore and Google Play

  We are pleased to announce that our Great American Eclipse 2024 App (GAE2024) is now available in  Apple App Store and Google Play Store!   under the GAE2024 icon.   ·           GAE2024 represents the 1 st  in an exciting series of mobile learning apps under the brand names TPEP™ and “40 Words for Bright Futures”™ , developed by Perennial Preparedness of North Carolina , in collaboration with Youth Exploration Services. The app contains 40 words relating to eclipses and other astronomical objects, pronounced in English and Spanish, along with information on history makers in space sciences and exploration. The next Great American Eclipse takes place on April 8, 2024.    ·           TPEP™ apps are unique in that the primary app features are fully functional, without the need for internet,  after initial download.  This is done in consideration of youth, in many households, who don’t often have regular access to Internet.   ·           TPEP™ brand apps will contain audio pronu