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Beaconeer "Protocol" forms are being revised. We'll repost them soon

Update: July 26, 2019 - We are updating our "Protocol" forms for family, workplace, and church. We  will repost them soon. Use these forms to communicate how your church, business , or family household plans to respond to the receipt of a Code Red, Yellow, or Green beacon from a member of your "Beacon List." Stand by, stand strong, together, with The Beaconeer!

An absolute must! Trust!

There's nothing wrong with The Beaconeer™ everyone! Trust!  It works fine, once you enable the following permissions...

The Beaconeer™, now on Amazon App Store & Google Play! Oh Happy Day!

We have now "passed muster" with Amazon AppStore and Google Play. Oh happy day!  We are steadily working on the IOS version and are planning and preparing to have it ready in September. We hope The Beaconeer™ is a useful tool in helping groups to "Stand by, and stand strong, together!"  Use The Beaconeer™ as part of your emergency communications planning and protocol! You may find that you can use additional Beaconeers to assign to different group communications, such as family, church, workplace, etc. You can now purchuse Beaconeer B & C on Google Play.  They are exactly the same except for the letter.  $1.99 + tax Your purchase helps support Mobile App Mentoring , Safety & Preparedness  skills mentoring programs in the Raleigh, NC area. #Beaconeer   #DowntownRaleigh

Google Play made some changes that will affect your installation of The Beaconeer™ won't hurt.

Image of August 1, 2018, Google Play implemented new build requirements of all apps in their store.    It is called API Level 26 compliance!  You may begin to see Android apps on your phone behave differently when Phone Call, SMS, Camera and Location Functions are used.   A pop-up may appear, requesting that you respond "Deny" or "Allow," for the app to use the above functions. These pop-ups will definitely occur with The Beaconeer™. As the download is in process, you'll see these pop-ups... Click "Allow" for both.  Once you download The Beaconeer™, in order for the app to work properly you'll need to right away... go into your Settings/App Manager/Beaconeer/Permissions,  and enable the following permissions, as shown below... Got it? Good!  If you don't do this, you'll encounter possible error messages and app closures. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the app, it's just that Google Play requi

The Beaconeer™ is now on Google Play!


The Beaconeer on Google Play is underway!

After much hand-wringing and nail biting, The Beaconeer is in process of upload to Google Play. Yay!  Tons of  app developers in Cyberspace ,who use AppInventor - including myself, had to wait until  MIT upgraded their API Level from 7 to 26! Yes, a quantum leap of  0s & 1s. That literally occured overnight! It was worth the wait. The Beaconeer™, once it is on Google Play will be so much easier to download. will absolutely need to go into the security settings for this app and allow access to contacts, sms, phone, and location...or the app will produce error messages and do funky things. Why? Google Play, for your protection , has made it HARD for any app  to automatically  use functions,such as access to contacts, location sensor, SMS messaging, unless you have provided permission . We assure you we only use access to these functions to enable the app to work. We do not re-direct any of your information anywhere, without your opt-in.  Feel free to r