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Family ...

Family is EVERYTHING! At your next Labor Day gathering, fortify your phone communications, together. Start here. D ownload the Beaconeer, for Android. iPhone version coming, before end of 2019!  # beaconeer   # GPS   # SMS # safety

Fortify your phone with The Beaconeer™, for Android.

Fortify your phone with The Beaconeer™, for Android. The most essential communications features on your phone have been aggregated into the Beaconeer™ : 911, Phone, Group Text & GPS , Camera w/Photo Share, Google Maps - so that you can quickly relay essential information when the need arises. Also, your Beaconeer™ Notepad is very handy. Use it to park important phone numbers, weblinks, event details, and more. See video. Have a great weekend all and thank you for downloading, supporting, sharing the app!!

Why Android 1st?

Hi Everyone! The Beaconeer™ for Android has been on Amazon Appstore and Google Play over a week now. It's great to see that many of you have downloaded the app. We really do welcome your feedback, pro or con.  We rely on it to develop and release the iPhone version in October.  Why did we release Android 1st? So glad you asked. Truth be told, The Beaconeer™ for Android was much easier to code, using  nice and colorful AppInventor, compared to Apple’s “alpha-numeric soup” called “X Code/Swift. (see example below- it’s scary and unforgiving, but not impossible!)  Also, we're not Red Hat or SAS, with deep pockets and staff to do both apps concurrently. We’re just two grassroots people, determined to launch an app we believe in!!!  The best is yet to come! Have a "Green Beacon" the rest of your week, all!  #beaconeer #GPS   #SMS   #whosaidshecouldnt

Thanks for Facebook Page "Likes"

Many, many thanks to everyone who liked our Facebook page this week!  Have a awesome   "Green Beacon" weekend!

I Hit a "Beacon" Button! Now what happens!?!

Once you hit a "Beacon" button, you can expect a volley of text message replies from folks on your Beacon List. To view all text messages , split your screen between The Beaconeer ™ and your Messenger as shown ... Stay calm! Either reply to all, using The Beaconeer ™ , or just one person, using your messenger. Using the "split screen" method makes it easier to reply appropriately. We recommend , at your next family, workplace, or church security meeting, do a "drill" to get comfortable with sending and responding to Beaconeer ™ discharges. Pam K. & Flo A. #HowTo #SplitScreen