Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2021 will be a breakthrough year for The BEACONEER™! We hope it will be for you too!

We extend a very special invitation to you to beta-test Beaconeer™Lite, for iPhone. 

Please view the 3.5 minute demo video which explains the beta test. https://youtu.be/n7Ip-Esa0Lg

Beta-testing is easy-peasy! Apple.com uses Test Flight as their official intermediary to pre-screen apps in order to determine them functional and "worthy" of final review by AppStore.

Guess what! We made it past the Test Flight pre-screen! That means you can rest assured that the beta-test WILL NOT melt your iPhone! We now need just 50+ iPhone family and friends to test the app and demonstrate use by the general public. Then we will be able to submit Beaconeer™Lite to AppStore for final review.

This process has taken 2+ years, and many of you have been waiting patiently for an iPhone version of the Beaconeer. We've come this far, join us and let's go the distance in 2021! Thank you!

Once Beaconeer™Lite is on AppStore, all of our awesome beta testers will receive a "Virtual Goody Bag" of enduring value at our Zoom Launch Party!  For more information visit  www.Beaconeer.US 

Let's get started...

1 - Download the Test Flight App from Apple AppStore

2 - Click on this Test Flight Download link https://testflight.apple.com/join/ISiVD6Fp

3 - After You complete the beta-test, please rate the app https://tinyurl.com/y78fx5qr


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