Beta-testing of Beaconeer ™Lite is now in progress

TestFlight is's authorized intermediary to pre-screen and test apps submitted by an app developer. 

We passed the pre-screen and pre-testing by Test Flight. Now we just need beta-testing by you, our family, friends, and colleagues! 

Don’t miss the opportunity to claim your new skill designation as an Test Flight “Beta Tester” 

Beta-testing of Beaconeer ™Lite is now in progress

Get started!
1- Download the Test Flight App from Apple AppStore
2 - Then click on this Test Flight link for the Beaconeer ™Lite

3- Once you finish the test, click on this link to rate the app.

Once we are published on AppStore, you'll receive a special "Virtual Goody Bag" of enduring value at our Launch Partay! 


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