Beta testing feedback Beaconeer™Lite


We're getting great feedback on the beta-test for BeaconeerLite. Perhaps you've noticed these "slight imperfections" reported by a tester...

"Tried it on 2 different iPhones – it passed all 4 of the tests as shown in the video.
Changes to think about in a future build (I wouldn’t be surprised if you already have this in mind):
1.Make navigation between pages more intuitive (nav bar, etc.??)
2.Text field for entering phone number – the word “phone #” sticks around unless you are deliberate about removing before inputing the numbers
3.Make the button size the same (I like the colors)"
Here's our answers below ...
Thanks so much for feedback JXXCCC...
1.We'll try out a navigation bar in next version. The reason we didn't this time is because there are only 3 screens with primary functionality, that we thought are easily accessible using the top menu buttons:
Beaconeer Lite Ops Screen
Edit Screen
2. On Android phones , phone# field autofocuses, so you can delete and input new data, without having to be deliberate in deleting the numbers. Only on iPhones we have noticed the slightly inconvenient behavior mentioned above.
3.Button size
We now use what is called a cross-platform software called Thunkable, which produces code for both Android and iPhones. A drawback of a cross-platform software is that you may get different app behavior between iPhones and Androids, such as inconsistent button size or font size.
We will definitely make improvements to the GUI (Graphical User Interface) in the next revision! Keep the feedback coming!


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